Water – is one of the most important elements of life. Drinking the right amount of high-quality water directly contributes to a healthy body. The recommended amount of water to be consumed is 40mL/kg (0.6oz/lb) of body weight daily. What is high-quality water? It is water that is free of harmful contaminants, salts, radionuclides, heavy metals, pathogens, unusual taste, colour and odours. Drinking water should contain common minerals and have an optimal pH level.

Give to drink to every cell in the body and stabilize the operation of all the physiological processes can only water which is close by the intracellular structure. The water we drink every day is alien to the body structure. Consumed in large quantities carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, the juice from packages contain aromatization, dyes, various additives and more contribute to the loss of fluid than its assimilation, thereby leading to a violation of water-salt balance and the development of serious diseases. The first symptoms of dehydration – the constant feeling of thirst, fatigue, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, irregular heartbeat, pain in muscles and joints, dry skin, damaged hair and nails. 

Water is critical for the metabolism and regulation of the temperature in the body. It helps cardiovascular and nervous systems to function properly, removes waste and toxins, boosts energy and stamina and slows down the ageing process.

Coral-Mine is a blend of minerals, used to condition drinking water. It is a natural product made of deep-sea coral (scleractinians) collected in the Sea of Japan. Coral is a unique substance. A sachet placed in water enriches it with beneficial minerals, regulates the water-salt and pH balances and normalizes the functioning of all organs and systems.

Cleanse the body

Parasites, toxins, and waste present a fairly serious but underestimated problem. If you think that the topic of parasites does not affect you, you have to get to know the statistics: according to WHO, there are almost 95% of the population of Earth infected with a parasitic infection, regardless of the level of life! These statistics are the same for developing countries and for very wealthy, developed countries.

According to information from the same source, about 80%  of all existing diseases may be caused by not only the parasites, but are the result of slagging of the body as a result of the use of poor-quality food, chlorinated water from the tap, poisoning the exhaust gases, or hypo-dynamic. These factors are the reason that the body accumulates a large amount of ballast and toxic substances, which are beginning to have a negative impact on our health. It was revealed that in the gut of an adult can hold up to 20 kg slag, child – up to 10 kg.

Intestinal helminthiasis is in third place in the world in the frequency of infection. Helminthiasis cause allergies in the body, reduce resistance to infections, impact toxic effects on the body. Very often, for various diagnoses, such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma, liver disease and pancreatic cancer, epilepsy, severe joint symptoms, lesions of the retina, and others are hiding certain parasitic infections, which are the reason / or one of the reasons / of disease. In a person can live 150 kinds of helminths. To detect infestation is very difficult. For example, to detect the dog roundworm can only ELISA blood. For the identification of some parasites are necessary special dyes.

Slag and more aggressive toxins accumulate in the intercellular fluid, tissue fluid (lymph) in the walls of the intestine, burdening the body, and so can accumulate over the years. In addition, they accumulate in cells containing fat structure. First of all, it is the brain. The result of this expansion is that the nerve cells, inhibited harmful substances, unproductive work slowly. Reflexes protect against infections and recovery after the disease is sluggish, which is a cause of chronic diseases.

These harmful substances to the body can cause a feeling of general malaise, irritability, disturbed sleep or appetite, decreased performance without obvious symptoms of a particular disease, and strongest metabolic disorders. They inhibit the production of energy needed for productive physical and mental work, create favourable conditions for rapid multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, reduce the function of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that serves as the starting point for the development of any serious diseases. Therefore, even without obvious signs of disease organism works intermittently and not at full strength, but with the development of the disease on their own to cope with it can not. And then we have to resort

to the help of medication, which in themselves are xenobiotics, that is substances are alien to the body. If you want to stay healthy it’s advisable to undergo a body cleansing procedure at least twice a year. The best way to do it is by using natural products from Coral Club.

Feed the body

Proper and quality food, of course, necessary to maintain health at a high level. It creates conditions for optimal physical and mental development, provides high performance, is an important factor in

resistance to unfavourable influences. Unfortunately, the rapid pace of life and scientific and technological developments have radically changed the very character food and the quality of our food. We eat a lot, considering that in this way we can ensure that our cells are well-nourished. Experts say that today many foods are «empty calories». Did you know this? Empty calories! We want our body to work harder, better, longer, … And this is consuming «empty calories»!

The current situation with food is a threatening picture. The products that we use are grown on depleted, processed chemicals, soils are low in nutritional value at the higher calorific value and the

presence of different flavours or artificial colours. And fresh vegetables and fruits, so attractively

looking in shops and markets? They literally oversaturated with pesticides, stimulators and other chemistry, not only killing putrefactive bacteria, but also useful flora of the body, and healthy cells. Results of laboratory tests showed that the most contaminated with chemicals peaches, apples, nectarines, cherries, grapes, celery, strawberries, spinach, sweet Bulgarian pepper, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce, kale. As is well known, pesticides are toxic to the nervous system, causing

hormonal disorders and can cause brain disorders in children. Research at the Harvard School of Public Health found that children who have been exposed to pesticides had a higher risk of developing attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. That is why in recent years there is a growing popularity of biologically active additives. They rapidly come into our lives and bring substantial benefits, filling in gaps in food and significantly affecting the quality of life. This food is not only without any effort required to eliminate the deficit of healthy body of vitamins, micro and macro elements, fibre, enzymes, but also give him the opportunity, without working for wear, be fully functional.

Protect the body

Living in big cities means that we hardly ever eat healthy, environmentally clean foods, drink good water or breathe clean air. Instead, we often use synthetic medications, get exposed to

electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis while being constantly stressed by the crazy pace of modern life. With food us to get antibiotics, hormones, stimulants, used to stimulate the growth and weight of the animal. Just look, for example, cucumbers and tomatoes that are not spoiled weeks.

In the air accumulates over 40 000 different chemicals. The high content of water in the drinking water of chlorine; – one of the most active carcinogens – doubles the risk of atherosclerosis; heart disease,

liver and leads to the development of the chronic disease, premature death. Under the influence of emissions of non-ferrous metallurgy, there is an increased level of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In areas with the chemical and petrochemical industry are widespread allergic diseases. Pollution of the atmosphere of cities nitrogen oxides contributes to the defeat of respiratory organs.

The WHO study in ecology has revealed: more than 65% of all health problems of modern people related to the external environment. At the same time, children are at increased group risk. In recent years, incidence rates have increased among young children: Each child is ill at least three times in the first year of life. The high degree of morbidity and among teenagers 14 years and older. Recent studies have shown that the leading pathologies among all registered diseases in children are

respiratory diseases. More and more experts are watching the young people small growth, weak bones, underdeveloped muscles; “skinny” body, the lack of hormones in the growing organism, delayed sexual development. This situation is quite lamentable because of children – the future generation of citizens of the country; on which the health of their own children. How to protect yourself and loved ones in unfavourable environmental conditions? Today there are a large number of preventive biologically safe supplement; that can help you fend off the destructive impacts of the hostile environment; as well as protect vital organs, most of us have to live in today. Coral Club

International is just such products. Their use in everyday life will raise the energy, strengthen the immune system and protect the body from various infections, to ensure rapid recovery after diseases, improve endurance and performance.

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